Party SetupEdit

  • DD with provoke or BST

The FightEdit

This is the status quo of this server as of time of writing. When you enter have the RDM cast Protect II and Shell II on all of the members. Rest up and then have the BRD cast Madrigal and Minuet. It may be beneficial to cast the CHR song on himself only to help with sleeps.  The kill order is Compound Eyes then the Sobbing Eye is last.  BRD then goes in and Horde Lullaby's everything.  If one of the Compound Eye's resist sleep then the DD will provoke that enemy.  After the first Compound Eye is dead move on to the second and once that is dead finish the Sobbing Eye.

Other HintsEdit

  • Make sure that the RDM helps melee the eyes otherwise you may run out of time. 
  • Make sure the RDM keeps paralyna ready. Hex Eye can be VERY potent.
  • Make sure the BRD keeps the adds slept that are not being fought. NIN subjob can be very useful here.
  • Remember that there is a accuracy and damage penalty to weapons over sync level here. So it is in your best interest to have a weapon that is the correct level for a 40 cap BCNM.