Job AbilityEdit

  • Anticipates and dodges the next attack directed at you.
  • Obtained: Samurai Level 15
  • Recast Time: 1:00
  • Duration: 0:30


  • When active, user will anticipate and evade the next physical attack against them.
  • Will not negate any magical attacks or spells (single target or area effect), but the effect will remain after being struck by one.
  • Unlike "shadow" effects such as Utsusemi or Blink, Third Eye can anticipate and negate most multi-hit physical attacks entirely, regardless of how many hits the attack consists of. For instance, it is capable of fully negating damage from a foe's 8-hit Asuran Fists. (Shadow effects' ability to fully absorb multi-hit attacks depends on how many shadows remain.)
  • However, if the user of Third Eye is struck by a physical attack that is AoE in any way (conal or radial), it will remove the Third Eye effect, and the user will not avoid any damage.
  • Wearing the Saotome Haidate allows the Third Eye user a 25% chance to counter an attack instead of simply anticipating it. It must be worn at the time of the attack, rather than the time Third Eye is used.
  • Does not stack with Utsusemi or Blink (Utsusemi will overwrite Third Eye, but Third Eye will not overwrite Utsusemi).
  • Third Eye recast can be reduced with Merit Points by 2 seconds per level, down to a minimum of 50 seconds.

Macro SyntaxEdit

  • /ja "Third Eye" <me>