Start NPC Carmelo - Port Bastok (E-6)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 7
Repeatable No
Reward Siren Flute
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A Test of True Love None


  • Change zones then talk to Carmelo after completing A Test of True Love and he will give the key item Chanson de Liberte and ask you to place it in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah at Dusk.
  • Go to the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah and find the ??? located there, in the middle of H-8.
  • Select this at Dusk (between the hours of 16:00-18:00) for a cut-scene to complete the story for this set of quests, and to obtain your reward.

Game Description

Carmelo (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
Carmelo would like you to take the completed "Chanson de Liberte" to a place in the Sancuary of Zi'Tah where "clear spring water bubbles up around a ring of white-flowered trees", and bury it there at dusk.