The PlayOnline tools for configuring a controller are located in the following directory:

..\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ToolsUS

It is called "FINAL FANTASY XI Config". Assuming you created a folder named "PlayOnline" for your installation. The start menu shortcuts to those applications are not created with our installer.

Use this link for issues with controller settings resetting on FFXI launch or use the following steps.

How to reactivate such a setup with the current problem?

  1. Go into the FFXI folder AND the ToolEU (US if you're american) subfolder
  2. Backup the xinputdll.dll file in each of those folders
  3. Delete the 2 files
  4. Load the FFXI Pad config application
  5. Select "Default" preset
  6. Proceed to re-set all the buttons and sticks the way you want them
  7. Exit and save

If you're using a logitech controller with X-Input, you may have to switch that off or find the appropriate drivers to install on your computer.